Challenges of a Car Dealership

The Car manufacturing industries, just like any other, have got business challenges of its own, which need to be taken care off on a regular basis. Maintaining the current market position while fulfilling the customer’s demand is a tough task when factors like low manufacturing cost, production timing, proper planning, and execution can easily decide your fate in the target market if overlooked. The material and component suppliers make the competition even more severe with constant innovation and delivering better quality parts at the lowest possible level. Dealers are one of the most prominent partners in the car manufacturing industry who are facing the real challenges to persuade a buyer. They need to interact, convince, and show extraordinary skills to influence a customer to buy the vehicle. Moreover, nowadays customers have the choice of online stores where they can compare prices, know the technical specifications in detail, etc. Therefore convincing a customer is becoming more challenging for the dealership as customers are aware of every detail of vehicles. Research carried out by a third party shows that 60% of the Auto industry business is done by the existing customers, 11% through the internet and the rest 29% through walk-in. Limitations of Dealership Mostly rely on Emails, SMS, cold-calling, walk-ins, etc Organising promo drives (which adds extra costs) Lack of genuine data (from conferences and walk-ins) The dealership challenges get even worse when a vehicle manufacturer asks the Dealers to do the following things that are needed to maintain a company’s Continue reading Challenges of a Car Dealership Continue reading Challenges of a Car Dealership

Which Tyres Are Better for Drifting?

Tyres are the most important part in a drifting race, and in driving. After all, without the tyres, you will not be able to drive the car to the track. Not all tyres can be used for this sport though, and there has to be a specific style to help you show off to your friends. It is important for drifting tyres to fit the car that you are driving. The speed is a great factor that helps you to get the right braking force thus allowing you to leave your mark on the track. But if you have the incredible speed, you also need to have the right size tyres. Most people don’t know that there are two different sets of tyres that need to be used for this sport. Many drifting racers understand that each set has its own use in this one sport. Make sure to purchase the right tyres for the back of the car. You would mainly be looking for a low profile style, in other words a tyre with a small sidewall, wide enough to have maximum amount of surface area in contact with the track tar, and a shallow tread for minimum amount of friction so that you can pursue the drift. It’s also important for these low profiles to have high pressure to hold the sidewalls in place during the drift. The front tyres need to have a deep tread because there has to be something that grips onto the tar whilst Continue reading Which Tyres Are Better for Drifting?

Biodiesel: A Modern Alternative to Diesel

It is clear to see that the number of vehicles on our roads today has increased vastly over the past couple of decades. With this increase in vehicles, an increase in fuel consumption and in carbon emissions has followed. This has led to fuel resources being challenged and the environment suffering because of the pollution elements. Due to these changes in our lifestyles, an alternative fuel has been considered so researchers have been and still are looking for new sources of fuel. One of these sources is used sunflower oil. Yes, it sounds a bit far-fetched like something out of a science fiction movie, but it has become a reality. Used oil is taken and then used in the chemical and bio fuel industry. There are designated used oil collectors that go around to various restaurants and other food establishments to collect all the used oil. Be sure to you check if the collector is certified. This task is beneficial to many parties in the following way. The restaurant is able to dispose of its used oil in a safe manner by handing it over to the used oil collector. The used oil collector creates jobs and relieves the restaurant of the burden of disposing of the used oil. The bio fuel industry receives a new basis ingredient for biodiesel. They are able to chemically transform the used oil into a usable form of biodiesel. Biodiesel can be used in trucks as an alternative to diesel fuel. It is able Continue reading Biodiesel: A Modern Alternative to Diesel

Top 10 Best-Selling Motorcycle Brands

In addition to the Japanese Big Four (Honda, Suzuki, Kawasaki, and Yamaha), the list of top-selling motorcycle manufacturers includes companies based in Italy, the U.S., Austria, and the UK. Honda Honda’s motorcycle division sells more than 15 million motorcycles annually, which makes it world’s leading manufacturer. One of the factors driving the company’s sales is its popularity in Asian markets. Yet Honda also dominates in North America. Ducati The Italian brand headquartered in Bologna manufactures motorcycles since 1935. Ducati is known for its powerful sport bikes. The company has a long and successful racing history, which started in 1951. Today it spends over 7% of its revenues on racing business. The brand belongs to Audi through its subsidiary Lamborghini. Harley-Davidson Great 20th-21st century history and exhilarating riding experience give Harley-Davidson the status of the legend bike company. This brand is familiar almost to everybody, even those who have never ridden a bike in their lives. Yamaha Yamaha bikes are known for excellent performance, ride quality and comparatively easy handling. Yamaha is almost as successful as another famous Japanese manufacturer, Honda. Moreover, the number of dirt bikes it sells exceeds Honda and Yamaha combined. Kawasaki The Motorcycle & Engine division of Kawasaki Heavy Industries gained recognition as a manufacturer of a wide range of bikes, from very small to sport ones. These motorcycles are loved all over the world for their powerful and reliable engines, capable of developing great speed. There are production sites in Japan, North America, Philippines, Indonesia, and Continue reading Top 10 Best-Selling Motorcycle Brands

Drive Safe! By Keeping Your Car Up-To-Date

It’s very important to ensure complete safety while you’re on the road driving your car. There are millions of vehicles out on the road nowadays and that number is relentlessly increasing. More cars imply that there are more mishaps on the road, which is quite tragic. Therefore, it is much more critical now that you keep your vehicle in safe & secure driving conditions and drive as carefully as you can! Discover how you can continue driving safe regularly to abstain from getting into any accidents. There are various things that can be risky on your automobile. In case you have been involved in a mishap on the road recently then there’s a chance that you might be driving hazardously. Such a large number of times vehicles that need repair are dangerous to drive because of the fact that the part of the vehicle that is damaged can’t carry out its work properly, which results in accidents. Here are a couple auto repairs that ought to be finished quickly to keep your vehicle in its most secure driving conditions. Windshields In case your car’s windshield is broken or cracked it needs to be repaired immediately. Many times automobile owners don’t understand exactly how unsafe driving with broken windshield can be. A damaged windshield will fail to carry out its task in the right way and is weakened extraordinarily by the previous. If something somehow happened to hit your already damaged windshield, then it could come directly through and could make Continue reading Drive Safe! By Keeping Your Car Up-To-Date

Spick and Span for Your Car’s Engine

Most people operate with the general understanding that they need to get their car washed regularly in order to keep the exterior looking nice. Not only that, but regular car washes help maintain your car’s paint job. Now, if the outside of your car looks great, so should the inside. As much as it may look brand new, a dirty engine can make your car run like an antique. Never fear! You can actually clean your own car’s engine, as long as you don’t mind getting a little dirty. It really isn’t as difficult as it may seem… First Things First You can’t just jump in and hose down your engine. That could be quite dangerous, in fact (think exposed wires). First, you will need to clear out as much of the debris as possible. Thing like leaves and twigs can get stuck in the grill, hood (especially around the seams), and vents. An air compressor is ideal to use as it will just blow away the debris, but it’s not something in most people’s garages. No air compressor? No worries! A small brush will do. Remember what we said about hosing down your engine being dangerous? Well, here’s why… sensors, exposed wiring, distributor, spark plug openings. These cannot be exposed to water without some kind of protection. Your engine is more or less waterproof already (think rain), but wrapping the sensors and such in plastic will ensure it. Next Up… This is a simple one… start your engine and Continue reading Spick and Span for Your Car’s Engine

Project D Wheels Are the Best for Drifting

Drifting is a common sport among most supercar owners. It isn’t the most practical sport to take part in as it replenishes your car parts. One car part that would seem to last the longest would be the wheels. Project D wheels are likely to stay intact as you are showing off your driving skills. Drifting cars need to be light and are supposed to be rear wheel drive because of the hand brake turns that happen every time you take a corner or curve. This can be particularly dangerous and the wheel of the car has to be able to withstand the different forces that occur. Project D wheels are known for their wide rims which support the size of the tyre. This means the depth is relatively deep and most sports cars or super cars are made to have this specific feature. It’s important to have a wide wheel because the speed you are going whilst drifting could likely flip your car over. The more surface area the wheel has, the safer you are. Project D is also known to fit low profile tyres. This style is meant to be used whilst drifting because of the perfect fit it has, and the incredible lightweight material it’s been made from. At the same time as being lightweight, the material also has to be durable and strong without shattering inside the tyre or being moulded into a different shape. Stability is the most important part when it comes to any Continue reading Project D Wheels Are the Best for Drifting

Cars and New Initiatives

The UK Department of Transport has had in place a tax structure for road users using busy A-roads and motorways. Road tax collections in the UK annually are in the estimates of about £10 billion. But it still requires that the Transport Department find newer ways and means to increase road funding revenues by encouraging people to use vehicles on the roads less frequently. An average driver pays up to £250 a year on road taxes and levies. At the forefront of such taxation schemes is the imperative need to not only meet increases in budgets for road funding but more importantly to promote use of lighter and smaller vehicles and less CO2 emissions. On a larger level, these and other measures highlight the growing trends in the automobile industry towards making more fuel-efficient cars that are less dependent on fossil fuels by finding alternative fuel sources and to manufacture cars that pollute less, which is a huge factor in the alarming global warming scenario. Besides the onus on the automobile industry, there is also the contribution of responsible citizenry to sustain public finances and ensure co-operation in fuel efficiency. Many countries are using public-private partnerships for road maintenance; toll taxes are one way of enabling newer motorways for the future. The fuel of the future Hydrogen has gained much traction as a mainstream automobile fuel although there still continues to be mixed reactions from all over. The UK for instance in investing close to £400 million over a decade Continue reading Cars and New Initiatives

Best Ways to Budget for a Car Repair

It doesn’t matter if you have a new or used vehicle, somewhere down the line your automobile will need some type of maintenance. Waiting until the last minute to come up with the money required to fix the problem can be extremely stressful. Instead, follow a few simple tips to budget for the car repair instead. Check the Car Warranty See what services are covered under the warranty first. Owners may only be required to pay for certain issues to be restored, but not others. This will be listed in the terms section of the warranty. At this time, it is also a great idea to decide if purchasing an extended warranty is cheaper than saving up for a potentially large problem to be rectified down the line. Typically, warranties cover a five-year period. Research Area Mechanics There are a few reasons why it’s wise to research area mechanics when preparing a budget for car repair. First, comparing rates between local mechanics reveal the shop that requires the least amount of money to get your vehicle fixed. Second, it’s possible that one shop supplies discounts for drivers who are part of certain programs. Gather all of the information and then decide who you’ll use ahead of time. This saves drivers from having to make a hasty decision at the last minute that may end up costing them more money than they need to spend. Investigate the Make and Model There are some problems common among certain makes and models. Spend Continue reading Best Ways to Budget for a Car Repair

Car Enthusiasts, Rejoice!

There is finally a quick, convenient way to protect your ride from the elements. It can take significant time and money to maintain a car’s good condition. If you don’t have a garage or covered parking, it becomes an even bigger challenge! Protect your vehicle’s value with this one accessory. The car umbrella keeps your car cool, clean, and classy. Shield your car from pesky bird droppings, billowing dust, damaging acid rain, and excess heat all within about thirty seconds. The best part? You can do this with the help of a remote! The car umbrella is like a portable tent that you can easily carry with you. Portability is no problem. The easy close and storage features leave only a width of 85 cm and a total weight of 6 kg. It allows plenty of trunk space for your next trip. The car umbrella maintains an indoor temperature of up to 35 degrees cooler than a car without an umbrella. No more steering wheel burns or excruciating seats! Use it at the beach, outside the workplace, or while you’re waiting for someone. The double windproof design shields the car from the sun while allowing the wind to blow underneath, keeping the car cool. The one-click setup works within a distance of up to 98 feet by remote control. The open and close process takes a mere eight seconds, with the total installation an astonishing thirty seconds. Expand the umbrella to fully cover the car by the time you walk Continue reading Car Enthusiasts, Rejoice!